SE5X - Amateur Radio Station SE5X. Lennart Deimert, Borensberg, Sweden


    SE5X  -  Amateur Radio Station


SE5X Lennart Deimert Borensberg Sweden


  A view from Borensberg. My QTH is up to the left.

SE5X is my main call and is used for all types of QSO's. QSL is OK via bureau or direct. All QSL-cards is very much appreciated. Most like others, I prefer paper-QSL.

Since I’m not any longer counting countries or stations I ONLY CONFIRM WHAT I RECEIVE. So, if you would like a paper-QSL from me - just send it and you will get my QSL in return.

Of course QSL's can be sent directly to my postal address above. Don't forget to enclose an envelope with your address and two Green Dollars or corresponding amount for return postage. No IRC's please.

«The QSO take a short time - the QSL is FOREVER»

I prefer DIGI modes but is also active on PHONE. No much CW yet though.

Contest is fun! I participate in a couple of contests each year, just for the fun of it :-)

Best 73 and hope to catch you on air, either by screen or by ear!

SE5X Lennart





SOTA from Mt Omberg SM/OG-001 July 2009